2D or Not 2D

2D or Not 2D
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black by Maria Silver-Art Institute Visit 2015

Maria Silver came to Foundations of Design during the Summer 2015 Quarter to visit with our class.
She talked about taking a circuitous route to launching her own fashion line and how passion and curiosity led her through a variety of experiences that made her the designer she is today, including playing drums in The Ettes! She encouraged students to take as many business related classes as possible and research ideas about financial strategies that will push each of their creative interests. She also talked about an aha moment when she realized she should design clothes she or friends would wear as opposed to costume ball/extravagant evening wear that are worn once a year by very few people. She was wearing a pair of her "Painter's Pants" that she designed based off a documentary of an abstract expressionist painter who had deep pockets in their studio pants to put their brushes in. She said she once scrapped a whole concept of designs she'd been working on after watching a Youtube video of molten silver being poured into water. This video lead her to new work that she felt was much more successful than the abandoned designs. She took the time to look at each student's sketchbook and discuss their drawings, gained followers and followed us on Instagram. She also really liked the tree root we offered her as a gift for coming to talk with us. It was a discussion full of practicality and magic. I sort of want to be a fashion designer now.
Thanks Maria Silver!

To find out more about Nashville based Fashion Designer Maria Silver visit her website below
Black by Maria Silver or to hear her on drums The Ettes

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shape Project Fall FOD

Just a few of the great shape investigations from Fall FOD designers. I love that Ayren wore a t-shirt that he designed while revisiting Fresh Prince of Bell-Aire style! Taylor's individual drawings of wedding dresses were all gorgeous, Azu went all 3-d and Matthew somehow made the overused guitar theme(for Nashville) work by packing it full of graphics that's playing Nashville's song!

Sketchbook of The Week Jessica

Can't wait to see Jessica's Sketchbook by the end of the quarter. She is really diving into the idea of experimenting with new media and working with her hands as a way to balance/inform her digital investigations as a graphic designer. Please do yourself a favor and ask to flip through her sketchbook to check out what she's up to.