2D or Not 2D

2D or Not 2D
Devour the world with your eyes-Winter Sorbeck

Friday, March 18, 2011

6 degrees of Francis Bacon

So remember for your research project that your looking for Francis Bacon the painter not Sir Francis Bacon the father of inductive reasoning(though he's rad too!) You need to connect yourself to him in 6 steps or less. Be inventive with your connections and don't take the easy way out.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Freddie is famous!

Here are some more pics from Freddie. He's been steadily sending images since the beginning of the semester. I've included his last email about the story he shared last class.

These are pics of some other stencil work I've done over springbreak. I threw an odd pic in there of a tourist attraction called "Painted Rock" which is located right outside of the Ft. Irwin Army base in California. I actually have a painted boulder there that I did back in 1993. When I was stationed a Ft. Carson, CO we were sent to Ft. Irwin for a 30 day training exercise and noticed this big mountain of painted rocks with representations of past units that had been stationed or trained there. I asked my command could we visit it before we left and he said yes. I explained to him that I could paint and draw really well and would love to paint a rock for our unit. Skeptical, they wanted me to prove to them that I could really draw well because they didn't want to be embarrased by something not worthy of representing our unit "The Mighty Alpha Company 52nd Engineer Batallion". I drew a sketch of an Engineer Castle(our unit crest) in the desert with Skeleton in battle dressed uniform driving a bulldozer which was digging a moat around the castle and pushing up a mound of dirt that had skulls burried within the loos soil. Surrounding all of this graphic imagery was a paremeter of triple strand razor wire just like the type we have to put up around our camp sites. He was blown away by the detail and complication that was put into the sketch and looked at me and said "Pvt Pierce, I admit I'm impressed by the drawing but I doubt you could paint something like that on a rock". I begged the commander for 2 days of R&R(rest and relaxation) to complete the work and promised that he wouldn't be disappointed. Willing to call my bluff, I was granted the R&R but had to buy my own supplies. I immediately ran to the PX(post exchange) to looke for art supplies and bought acrylic paint brushes and poly spray to protect my work once completed. Long story short, My commander was so excited by what he saw when I finished that we took a picture with him standing next to me with the rest of my unit behind us with our unit rock in front of us as we all screamed Hooowaaaa!!!!". I became a part of history that day at the tender age of 19yrs old and my rock with my painted signature Pvt Pierce still stands at the famous "Painted Rock" in California. How Awsome is that?