2D or Not 2D

2D or Not 2D
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Amanda Valentine Studio Visit Fall 2015

Our Foundations of design class recently visited Amanda Valentines Studio
Turns out we were here third group of students that day she's made time in her schedule for. Those who arrived early got to see her sketchbooks from fashion school. She told us all about her newest collection, her time on Project Runway(runner-up Season 13), working in LA, styling 21 pilots and gave us a sneak peak of her husband's new short film on her laptop. She talked about researching all the way back to find out how grunge became grunge so she could have a chance at adding to the conversation with her own work. Music is her muse and is always on in her life. She answered any and all questions and left us with the key to success in an venture whether it's fashion or a friendship-hard work!